Gary de Witte Jewellery Auckland

Jewellery Remodelling, Repairs, Valuations and Insurance

Auckland Jeweller Gary de Witte has custom designed and handmade jewellery for many years. He is an expert craftsman, turning your ideas into unique pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery Remodelling, Recycling, Reusing

Do you have jewellery sitting in your jewellery box which you never wear anymore because it's not fashionable? Or you may have inherited jewellery which is sentimental but wish it could be remodelled into an exquisite timeless piece. Remodelling and redesigning using existing gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones from one or many pieces of jewellery requires expertise and craftsmanship. Gary is an expert at recreating jewellery or remaking it back to the original. Remodelling and recycling jewellery is an affordable way of owning custom design jewellery.

Auckland Jewellery Repairs

Gary de Witte offers a full jewellery repair and maintenance service. He also offers his clients lifetime jewellery cleaning and free checking of claws.

Auckland Jewellery Valuations and Insurance

Each piece of custom jewellery is provided with an independent valuation by Gemlab. We offer a full replacement service to cover theft or loss of jewellery and are approved jewellery suppliers with all New Zealand insurance companies.

NZ Duty Free Jewellery

New Zealand duty free jewellery options are available if you are travelling overseas.

Jewellery Testimonials

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